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Molly is lost.  She can’t find her way home and it’s all because of a butterfly. Now, it was the most beautiful butterfly she had ever seen, and it was fun to chase it through the garden.  But, she followed it out through the open garden gate, and now she is lost in a large hay field, and the butterfly is gone.

Molly only weighs six pounds and stands just 10 inches tall.  How will such a small dog survive in the dangerous world beyond the safety of her backyard? Where will she sleep?  What will she eat? And, what will happen to her if the things living in the hayfield, and the surrounding woods,  that are bigger than her should find her?

It’s up to the Molly Five Rescue Team to come to her rescue.  Will they find her in time?  And, what will happen to them if they meet the things living in the hayfield and the surrounding woods that may be bigger than them!

It’s a Small Dog on a Big Adventure…and one adventure is enough when you only weigh six pounds and stand just 10 inches tall.

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Small Dog - Big Adventure

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60  illustrations in full color

8.5” by 8.5” format

122 pages